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What is Blue WhatsApp? things you need to know

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The primary WhatsApp brand colours are light green, white, and teal green. But since WhatsApp also has many mods that copy it, you can now download the Blue WhatsApp app and use it for instant messaging. Unlike the original WhatsApp, this one is 100% blue. Nevertheless, the app has many features that distinguish it from the original WhatsApp. However, it also has risks you must be aware of before downloading.

Blue WhatsApp apk is a modified app of WhatsApp. It allows you to customise its interface based on your preferences. The application has many features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. For example, you can change the app’s background wallpaper, icon, theme, and chat screen. Furthermore, the application lets you hide specific functions from your users to give you some privacy.

What are the features of Blue WhatsApp?

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Whether Blue WhatsApp GB or Blue WhatsApp for business, the app has many features that can improve your instant messaging experience. Here are some of the features:

Preview images

When using the original WhatsApp, once you receive an image and download it, you will find it in your gallery. With Blue WhatsApp, you can preview images before saving them to your file explorer. That is an advantage because it can prevent you from saving unnecessary files on your phone.

Add polls in groups

One of the biggest drawbacks of WhatsApp is that you cannot add or create polls in groups. That option is now available in Blue WhatsApp. You can add any poll and get results instantly.

Repost status

You can read a contact’s status on WhatsApp. However, you cannot repost it. It allows you to read your status and repost it on your status.

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Blue WhatsApp privacy options

Blue WhatsApp has more privacy options than the original WhatsApp. For example, you can determine who can call you, hide the second grey tick, hide the blue tick, and hide your online status. Also, you can freeze the Last Seen feature, but you must restart your phone to make the changes.

Disable forwarded

The recipient will see the forwarded tag when you forward a message on WhatsApp. That means the message did not come from the sender. It allows you to resend messages without the forwarded tag.

Customise Blue WhatsApp to iPhone styleBlue WhatsApp

You can change several features in in the app to look like the iPhone’s. For example, you can change the emoji in the app to be like iPhone emojis. Also, you can change the upper bar to look like an iPhone theme. The setting is to go to the Home screen – Header, then select your iOS style.

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Customise conversations

Blue WhatsApp allows you to customise conversations in different ways. For example, you can increase the message text size or choose your ticks style. Also, you can change your bubble chat style, the background colour of your conversation, and the right chat bubble colour and text.

Use two accounts on the same phone

If you have WhatsApp only, you cannot use two numbers at the same time. However, Blue WhatsApp business allows you to use two accounts simultaneously. In other words, you can use the original WhatsApp along with Blue WhatsApp without losing your number.

Easy to make phone calls

Blue WhatsApp allows you to make a phone call without saving a number. Furthermore, you can disable voice calls on the app to prevent people from calling you. But even if you disable voice calls, you can still make video calls. Apart from calls, you can send voice notes on Blue WhatsApp.

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Save offline messages

Blue WhatsApp lets you save offline messages on its server. The app will resend the messages once you have a stable internet connection.

How to download and install Blue WhatsAppBlue WhatsApp

This app is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you must find its .apk file online, download it, and install it on your device. However, since you will install it from an unknown source, you must enable the setting to proceed with the installation. Here is what you should do:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps & Notifications.
  • Choose Special App access.
  • Select Install unknown apps.
  • Tap on your browser and file manager.
  • Enable the option labelled Allow from this source.
  • After enabling an unknown source, you can proceed to install the app.

Can you download Blue WhatsApp for iPhone?

You cannot download Blue WhatsApp Plus for iPhone. That is because Apple’s iOS has many security features that prevent the installation of apps from unknown sources. So since it is unavailable for iOS, you cannot install it on your iPhone.

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Which is the best between original WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp?

In terms of features, Blue WhatsApp is better than the original WhatsApp. Also, the former has many privacy and customisation options that are unavailable in the latter.

Is it illegal to use Blue WhatsApp?

Technically, Blue WhatsApp is illegal because it copied the source code of WhatsApp. However, it is not unlawful to use it.

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What are the dangers of using Blue WhatsApp?

The app is a mod that has modified the original WhatsApp source code. That can cause many risks, including the privacy and usage of your data. Also, it is easy to modify an existing app and add malware or spyware.

Since the app does not have a privacy policy, you cannot tell how the application uses the data it collects from the app, including cookies and personal information. Therefore, while Blue WhatsApp has many excellent features, using it has hidden risks.

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Blue WhatsApp is a modified app of the original WhatsApp. However, the difference with WhatsApp is that it is 100% blue. Also, it has many features not available in the original instant messaging app, such as previewing images before saving, adding polls in groups, reposting statuses, and disabling the forwarded tag.

YoWhatsApp is rapidly gaining fame worldwide. Its fantastic features have caught the attention of many social media users, and understandably so. It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp.

The app lets you enjoy the classic features of the official WhatsApp with extra amazing features. The most concerning question is whether the app is safe or not for the user. There have not been any reports of theft and fraud on this app.


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